Books in progress

At the moment – April 2017 –  I am editing a novella with the working title ‘Bobby Olsen’. It is running at around 42,000 words and my editing seems to be adding as many words as I delete. The story was written in 2016 and two thirds has been read out at a Writers’ group I attend. The language style is that which I referred to in various blog posts, using new created hyphenated words. As I edit I am particularly looking to remove any of these which are too vague in meaning or just too clever to add anything to the plot.

The story is about a man, Bobby Olsen, who has links to a criminal gang in late 1950s New York. He is attempting to bring down their organisation piece by piece and has taken up work as a private investigator to help him achieve this. He then meets and falls in love with a waitress, Martha, who is dreaming of becoming a Hollywood actress and Bobby’s plans change. He takes her to California so she can fulfil her dream. However, Martha is connected to another New York gang who are not happy with her desertion. After a few weeks in California Martha is kidnapped and Bobby begins the long journey back to New York by road trying to track Martha down. Along the way he finds a sidekick who gradually plays a bigger and bigger part in his quest. A final confrontation takes place and decisions are made.

It is hard to precis a story without giving away too much! Apologies if it sounds vague.

I have edited the story once and I intend that this second edit will be the last. I will then put it up as an eBook before probably adding it as a paperback too. I have written a sequel, running at around 26,000 words but it will have to wait before being edited and, I suspect, being added to so it comes up to around 35,000 words.


Here are the opening few lines of the Prologue in ‘Bobby Olsen’:

I hid behind the hallway door, eye-stealing scenes the director might cut. Tables lay bestrewn with plates, glasses lip-kissed with coloured liquid and dregs slow evaporating, napkins fist-bundled or floor-thrown, bottles posted like sentries irregular and corkless, empty of purpose. A cake, decked high with portions sliced out, sat coated with children’s dent-fingered marks like shell holes in a sugary No Man’s Land.






UPDATE: APRIL 2018 New book published on Amazon – ‘Expiring Offer’. This is not a ‘Bobby Olsen’ book, it is set in present day America in an undisclosed town. It is about an older guy who meets a younger woman. She has a secret, or two, or three…

UPDATE: JUNE 2018 The sequel to ‘Bobby Olsen’ is now published on Amazon, called ‘The Witness’.

UPDATE: DECEMBER 2018 the third ‘Bobby Olsen’ book is in progress. The draft stands at around 50,000 words and counting. All initially written in coffee houses.






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      1. Ah, but mine isn’t there yet. I have one rough draft and a story that popped into my had the other day so there are 21 pages of that, I do have several poetry collections that need to go out there… Thank you for following one of my blogs.

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