Sunday in the Park

‘Sunday in the park, I think it was the 22nd of October…’

You can see what I’ve done there, if you’re into your Chicago tunes from the 70s.

9 a.m. and just a few walkers and joggers were around, a beautiful alternative to the seafront for an early morning walk.

2017-10-22 09.12.11

2017-10-22 09.31.16

2017-10-22 09.19.16

And it you don’t get the Chicago link here’s the song…



Writers’ inspiration…or not

Lovely sunny warm weather here this afternoon and a walk to the hill behind the castle gives beautiful views across the sea. The sort of views that ought to inspire a writer to put pen to paper, more likely in poetic manner. But the warmth can also lead to drowsiness and laziness, and the desire to find a comfortable seat in the sun, or even a comfortable seat in a nearby wine bar…

2017-09-28 13.54.40

2017-09-28 13.54.45

2017-09-28 13.54.58


All quiet on the coffee front

A visit to a neighbouring town found me taking a coffee in Mr Bean’s around 9.30 a.m. and it was remarkably quiet. It was an overcast day with drizzle but then again you thought that might have sent people scurrying into a coffee house for a drink and chat.

2017-09-25 10.05.33

There were a group of older women behind me who had come in in ones and twos so were clearly a ‘ladies who do coffee’ group of some kind. And I only just realised this establishment does two shots of coffee as the default setting, I wondered why I found today’s cup a little strong after several visits elsewhere last week specifically asking for one shot only. With a blood pressure check on Thursday I thought it wise to keep my caffeine intake lower before the pesky nurse bans me from all types of coffee. Can you stand going into a coffee house and asking for a tea?

2017-09-25 10.05.24

Just discovered in one of my laptop folders a little opening scene I wrote after coming into this coffee shop back in 2015. I was going to add it here but I better read it through first in case it sounds too banal and cliched. I’ll put it up tomorrow.


Writer’s break

It’s 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning and a perfect time to write. Yet the sun is shining for once this September so down goes the pen/laptop lid and it’s walking shoes on and a flask of coffee in the backpack and a trek along the wonderful promenade at Hastings. Of course you have to dodge the joggers and dog walkers but  it was a beautiful scene this morning. And there’s not much better that seeing happy dogs running in and out of the sea. Even tempts you to get one yourself…

Perhaps this afternoon when the muscles start to seize up and the feet ache, the laptop lid will be lifted and the fingers start to type. Or maybe I’ll just fall asleep with a good book.

2017-09-24 09.18.09

2017-09-24 09.18.12



Music to write by – 9

Carole King – Tapestry


I rediscovered this album when searching for bargain ‘2 for £10’ CDs in a local store last week. What a pleasure to revisit these wonderful songs and hear that delightful voice again. And the cat – immortalised on the front cover. Sweet.


Second thoughts from the coffee house

2017-08-28 10.31.08

A third poem I scribbled down while sat in the coffee house yesterday. Said shop has an attractive frontage as you can see from the photo above.

Cigarette lip dangling,
jeans overtight on a body overweight,
bacon sandwich ill-consumed,
chatter-gossip seething loud,
TV channels daily gazed with reality stars withdrawn from reality,
loud voiced nothings fill her space,
words of make ups and break ups,
cheerleader T-shirt slogan embossed,
evenings twirled in girl gossip and tumbling batons,
a life full-lived short and meaningfully empty.

In the afternoon I went book hunting. Nothing in Waterstones made me want to open the wallet but a browse in my favourite second-hand bookstore quickly resulted in the purchase of three quite ‘dark’ volumes. All three are in good condition and I look forward to reading them, possibly in the coffee house, although I do find it hard to concentrate on books in such places, I find them more conducive as locations for making notes on writing or people-watching.

2017-09-03 11.34.01

A long walk along the seafront at 8.15 this morning, two people were swimming in the sea and the usual dogwalkers and cyclists were around. The seafront cafe I visited twice over last weekend was just opening up on my return walk but I resisted the temptation for yet another coffee. Tomorrow is Writers’ Group at a local hotel so a latte or cappuccino or two will be consumed there.


Coffee writing

Stopping for coffee in Costa on a Thursday with the market in full swing, perfect for relaxing and people watching. Made the mistake of forgetting Costa do three sizes of cup and so used to going for the ‘large’ in other coffee houses where that size equates to our usual mugs at home. But here ‘large’ means a double handled cup with a soupful of coffee – very nice coffee but so much to drink.

2017-08-31 10.07.17

Costa was surprisingly quiet at 10 a.m. so got served and a seat easily, by the time we left there were still seats available but a growing queue at the counter. Couldn’t log on to their hub for some unknown reason so had to wait until at home to write this up.

2017-08-31 10.07.25

Overheard a fascinating conversation between a student daughter and her mum and dad, obviously getting ready for her return to university (yes, I’m old enough to call it ‘university’ rather than the awful ‘uni’). The girl talking nineteen to the dozen, clearly looking forward to going back yet also nervous hence her machine gun dialogue. Mum and dad were quieter, no doubt pleased to see their daughter’s enthusiasm yet sad to see her leave home again.

2017-08-31 10.54.39

Stopped off on the way home and bought two small pictures in a charity shop after looking everywhere in department stores and shops for some simple pictures for a small room. Amazing what you find in charity shops these days.

Time for lunch – at home – then must try to complete some writing today or at least a final edit of my piece for Monday’s Writers Group meeting.