Darkly imagined

(poem written a few years ago)


Chains suspend  and swaying shine,
Lacy restraints lay bundled loose,
Creased leather corsets hang unthreaded,
Stilettoed patent boots glisten in rows,
Flayed riding crops parade erect,
Soft satin hoods disguise reality,
Candle wax frozen in cascading flows,
Water droplets echo forlorn hopes,
All awaiting cries of pleasure,
And desired pain.

She breathes in deeply and feels alive
as the mistress of her mind approaches slowly
and the darkly imagined world bursts forth.




I want chocolate

(for World Chocolate Day)


I want chocolate

I want a woman called Chocolate
who takes me to the heights of
with one tiny lick

I want a woman called Chocolate
who can excite me even when still
wrapped up
in her coat

I want a woman called Chocolate
who can transport me to Heaven as she melts in
my mouth
so slowly

I want a woman called Chocolate
who can come in so many
white, dark and milky

I want a woman called Chocolate
who can be bought for so little yet is always
my princess
lying naked in my hands.

Dark cradle

(a poem I wrote a few years ago)

Dark cradle

Sombre lullabies enwrap the latticed air,
Long laced fingers rock and hold,
Purple painted lips like ice kiss and recite,
Pleading cries matriarchally soothed by hushing cold breath;
Mascara dripping eyes bleed love,
Tears drip,
Time’s unending pendulum;
Dust grimed drapes float ruffled,
Mobiles of ne’er seen imps twirl and dance,
Shadowed room creaks with history unwritten.

The black frocked baby gurgles,
And candlelight flickers with fear.

“Come now, little one, fear not the light.”


My Cold Heart

(a poem written back in 2010, one of my ‘dark’ poems)

My Cold Heart


My cold heart

Calls for you,

Speared by the icicle

So eagerly thrust there,

Torn apart fervently

With glee by your hatred,

Flayed repeatedly with

Spiteful decaying words.


My cold heart

Shivers me,

Fearful and excited

By your touch and aura,

Soulless tears frozen still

In icy meander,

Torments scattered nightly

By cruelly wicked mouth.


My cold heart

Seeks reheating,

Your kisses to renew

Its bright bloody red flow,

Your dark eyes to long gaze,

Endearingly revive,

Your arms to encompass

My blizzard-blown winter.


My cold heart

Slides away,

Alone in its death,

Old, strong, wild beat stilled

By bitter sweet reply,

The last spasm convulsing with fear,

The deafening pulse of my life strangled,

The searing hot lifeblood chilled alive.



The Dark Tear

(I don’t write much poetry but I went through a phase of churning out dark or funny poems back around 2009-10. Here’s one dated in my computer folder as 2015 so it may be an edited version of an earlier version)

The Dark Tear

The dark tear flows not

But gouges deep valleys,

Acidic trails

Marking a line for a life;

Beware the streaked face,

The rivulets of broken memory,

A warning wall to leave unscaled