Music to write by – 4


Listening to the beautiful voice of the beautiful Amy Lee is the perfect way to find inspiration for writing. Especially if you writing is on the dark or melancholy side. I rediscovered Evanescence while working on my novella set in 1950s America and their music fitted perfectly with the main character’s worldly mood. Check them out, and in particular watch videos of their live performances – even better than their recorded music!

Music to write by – 3

Poco – Rose Of Cimarron

Rediscovered this tune only yesterday when it was played in Simon Mayo’s programme on Radio 2, as part of his ‘Five minute or longer’ section. What an astounding song.

In fact having listened to it again this morning maybe it isn’t a good song to have on in the background as you write – my eyes blurred over within seconds and all hopes of writing disappeared into a handkerchief.


Music to write by – 2


This was a great discovery when I was writing my novella set in 1950s America. I had never been keen on Sinatra’s ‘anthem’ type songs in the ’60s and ’70s but these three albums are superb. You can just imagine him leaning against a piano with a glass of whiskey in one hand and a cigarette in the other effortlessly singing these songs. I tracked down the CD and bought it and the sleeve contains interesting information about the three albums, how one was recorded when Sinatra had broken up a relationship and the other two when he was much happier. The production is excellent on all the tunes and the arrangements of Nelson Riddle unbeatable. Give them a try!

Music to write by – 1

I like to wallow in nostalgia as I write with this on in the background. It takes me back to my teenage years in the ’70s and the long tracks are great to have playing as I try to get into a scene or episode. Jon Anderson has a fantastic voice and any track or album from the earliest through to this one can be chosen. I’m not so keen on the Yes work from the 1980s onwards.