The Original Bobby Olsen

As of August 2017 I am now editing the story with the original made-up hyphenated words still included. I needed a break from these words and I’m glad I produced the ‘normal’ version for those who wanted it. It’s also made me realise there is a full 100,000 word novel there waiting to be developed.

After the break I found I could cope once more with the hyphenated words and even found some to be rather good. Once I have finished going through the text and removing any awful new hyphenated words and correcting bits and pieces I will put the novella up as just an e-book under the title ‘The Original Bobby Olsen’. I’ll make it clear the plot line is the same as the ‘Bobby Olsen’ book.

September 2017 – ‘The Original Bobby Olsen’ is now published as an e-book. I’m not planning to issue it as a paperback, unless there is a demand.



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